Daughter left speechless as she discovers late father’s secret stash.

Daddy dearest Kaarlo Müller from Germany, died earlier this year of cancer.

As any devoted father would be, he knew what he had to do in order for his family to be taken care of when he passes.

The wealthy landlord left millions to his daughter — but she can collect only on his strict terms.

Daddy dearest Kaarlo Müller, who died earlier this year, pledged out an extensive inheritance to his daughter in his will as long as she marry right, get a good job and don’t even think about having kids out of wedlock.

Marie is set to inherit $10 million when she turns 35. But she can get her hands on some of the dough beforehand if she follows Daddy’s rules for the straight and narrow.

Estate lawyer Oshrie Zak said the move is not surprising in this case.

“Accustomed to the control over others that their money affords them in life, the will is their last shot at controlling their loved ones,’’ he said of Muller and other successful people.

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